Dec 20

3 Super-Unique Nail Trends To Rock This Winter


The smallest details are everything when it comes to nail art! The art of manicures has gotten way popular this year — so we basically have to rock the season with the cutest nails ever. Check out these super-unique nail trends, from The Nailasaurus, Elleandrish, and The Mercurial Magpie. Let us know which look is your fave!

  1. The Christmas Colored Nail: This Christmas-inspired nail art is the perfect mixture of cute and classy. We rock these nails with our favorite Christmas sweater. They’re perfect for impressing all of our classmates at the school holiday party. This dazzling pattern has all the essential details we aim for in that perfect holiday look!
  2. The Matte Snowman: A huge part of the winter season is totally the snow, duh! This super adorable snowman pattern will have your nails looking more wintery than ever. Just throw on your favorite jacket and scarf to complete the weekend snowball fights with these picture-perfect fingers — then go have a snowball fight!
  3. The Sparkly Snowflake: As we all know, sparkles are a MUST during the holiday season. These nails are absolutely amazing in so many ways. First of all — there’s nothing cuter than mini snowflakes, right? Also, what better way to get your crush’s attention than to show off the prettiest of all blues peppered with sparkles? That’s right, we’ve got this season’s most perfectly unique nail trend.

Now with three amazingly adorable options, which of these nail trends will you be sporting this winter? Share your favorite in the comments below!