Dec 04

The ‘Austin & Ally’ Cast Shared The Sweetest Memories For Their 6 Year Milestone!


Can you believe that it’s been six whole years since the premiere of Austin & Ally? Six years ago, our lives changed forever. We were introduced to Austin, Ally, Dez, Trish and more of our favorite characters. We can’t imagine our lives without the show… and neither can the series stars! In honor of this major milestone, the show’s actors shared super special notes and memories with fans. Here’s what they wrote:

Raini Rodriguez AKA Trish wrote a touching message for fans everywhere. “Happy #6YearsofAustinandAlly to every single person who has made the show what it is today. The 4 seasons on A&A was a high light of my life! Thank you @Pickle_Pancakes for giving me the best job ever. love you, @rossR5 @lauramarano @CalumWorthy,” she wrote. Not only that, but she also retweeted a fans response that we wouldn’t be missing anyone right now if there were a movie. Hmm… could Raini be hinting at something in the works? We sure hope so!

Laura Marano posted a super cute pic and message to her cast mates. “Happy 6 year anniversary to everyone who helped make Austin and Ally one of the most special experiences of my life….it’s crazy it’s been 6 years!!!! Side note, I don’t know why everyone decided this was going to be a nice photo and didn’t tell me : @ALauraJames ” she shared. This behind-the-scenes group picture is giving us some serious feels right now.

Leave it to Calum Worthy to have the silliest response to their anniversary! “6 years ago today we all huddled around a TV in the production office watching our 1st episode. We didn’t know if we would be picked up or if anyone would even watch it. What we DID know is we were a part of something special. Thanks @Pickle_Pancakes for casting me as your Dez,” he posted. This is the sweetest.

And last but definitely not least, Ross Lynch had a short yet sweet message. “I will forever love these people. @CalumWorthy @lauramarano @Raini_Rodriguez @Pickle_Pancakes” the singer/actor shared. We love how these costars will be in each others lives forever.

Popmaniacs — which 6 years of Austin & Ally message gave you the most feels? Tell us in the comments below!