Mar 04

7 Ways Kendall Jenner Is The Best Dressed Celeb In Hollywood


Kendall Jenner is known for her amazing outfits. She doesn’t simply dress well, she has the best style tricks to make every outfit unique. Here are the seven ways Kendall Jenner takes her looks to the next level:

Chunky knits can still be high fashion Whenever we wear knits, we feel more cozy than stylish. But Kendall somehow pulls off both in her crochet hooded sweater. She even wears it out for a night on the town and looks amazing.

Thin frames are chic Kendall shows off her new shades in this pic. We love that she’s showing off something different than what you normally see other celebs rocking. Now we totally want to steal this look…

Swap your necklace for a scarf Flashy necklaces aren’t the only way to make a statement. Here, Kendall traded out a necklace for a cute summer scarf and red lips. We love this idea!

Grunge is so in Kendall put a new spin on some classic Vans by pairing them with destroyed crop jeans and fishnet socks. They’re more comfortable (and they might just take you back to the 90s for a day.)

Get creative with your layers – Who says certain clothes have to go under other ones? Here Kendall is wearing a red corset over a plaid coat, creating a whole new look. Other ideas include throwing a plain tee under your strappy dress.

Neutrals don’t just mean black & whiteHere, Kendall and her friends are all wearing different combinations of tan, brown and beige. Bonus points if you match with your crew as well as these girls do!

When in doubt, slick it back Let’s be honest – bad hair days happen to all of us. But an easy (and chic) solution is to pull it all back into a sleek ‘do, like Kendall does here.