Nov 12

Agnez Mo’s 6 Best Outfits Of All Time — See Them Here!


We have a hardcore obsession with singer Agnez Mo. The Indonesian native has created some of the best songs in pop music history. Not only are we obsessed with her music, but she’s also #StyleGoals. Her fashion sense is so uniquely badass. That’s why we’re recapping her best looks of all time! Here are Agnez’s outfits that sent us into full blown fangirl mode:

“Damn I Love You” Video: Agnez’s “Damn I Love You” music video was basically the world’s most epic fashion show. The babe rocked so many iconic looks in the video, but this fishnet crop top might just be our favorite.

Gold Chains: While we gravitated towards silver jewelry earlier in the year (helloooo, Coachella fashion!) gold is making a major comeback for the winter months. Need proof? Look no further than Agenz’s chunky layered gold necklaces here.

Mad Hatter: Want to look exponentially more chic? Throw on a floppy hat, like Agnez did here! We love statement hats — they’re the easiest way to elevate your style.

Monochromatic Princess: One of 2017’s hottest trends has been monochromatic outfits. Agnez took this to the next level by matching her crop top, pants, jacket, and hat in the same shade of blush!

Letterman Love: This year has been all about the bomber jacket. That’s why we’re loving that Agnez is embracing the bomber’s cooler sibling, the letterman jacket! The look is sporty, classic, and totally up-and-coming.

Orange You Glad: Agnez doesn’t just take major fashion risks, she also gets daring with her glam! We fangirled hard over her orange bob wig. The color didn’t stop there — Agnez also threw a pop of blue in with her lashes.

Popmaniacs — which of Agnez Mo’s outfits is YOUR favorite? Tell us in the comments below!


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