Oct 24

Aidan Alexander Shares His Fashion Pet-Peeve!


Popmaniacs — we recently got the BEST fashion advice from YouTuber Aidan Alexander! Aidan answered YOUR fan questions from Twitter in the most informative and hilarious way. We’re so excited to hear Aidan’s fashion feedback — he’s a total style guru! Not to mention, his YouTube cracks us up on the daily. Not only is he beyond well dressed, he’s also hilarious and awesome. If we could have Aidan pick out our outfits everyday that would be a dream come true.

So Aidan’s already talked a lot about the fashion trends he loves and can’t live without — but he recently revealed the trends that make him cringe! TBH, we can’t imagine Aidan wearing any of these things! Aidan’s fashion pet-peeves are sooo different from his normal style.

@HIGHOFFAIDAN: What is a fashion pet peeve that you have?
Aidan: I know a lot of people are wearing them more and more often, but socks with sandals really make me cringe.

@aidanalexanderstyle: Thoughts on fedoras?
Aidan: I would probably wear socks and sandals before I wore a fedora.

LOL — one thing we love about Aidan is he never hides the way he really feels! Especially when it comes to fashion. That’s exactly why we love his videos — the fashionisto speaks what’s on his mind! We’re obsessed.

Aidan stresses a major point that your personal style isn’t just defined by what you love to wear, but also by what you’d never wear! Developing a strong opinion about fashion is one of the most important ways to define your fashion sense.

Popmaniacs — did Aidan answer YOUR fan question?! What do you think about Aidan’s fashion pet-peeves?
What trend do you hope ends? Let us know in the comments!