Jan 09

The 5 Best Album Documentaries Of 2017


This year had some of the hottest album releases of the decade! From Kendrick Lamar to Harry Styles, these artists dropped records that were absolutely legendary. Luckily, these talented celebs gave us an inside look into how they created their amazing music. From challenges to incredible results, they left nothing out when showing the true reality of creating music we love. Here are the five best album documentaries of 2017:

On The Record,” Niall Horan: 5 years of being in the biggest boy band in history became an intimidating feat for Niall Horan. After a few months off, Niall was ready to start his journey as a solo artist and did it beautifully. He gave us a look at the songwriting and recording process that came with writing what would be an amazing album. Seeing him be his goofy self while creating music that he loves was our favorite part of the whole movie!

Five Foot Two,” Lady Gaga: Mama Monster unveiled her curtain of mystery with this super raw documentary. The Netflix released film showed the ups and downs of Gaga’s life as an artist. So many questions fans have been asking were finally answered throughout the movie. Her real emotions about breakups and medical issues throughout her career were completely exposed for her fans to see.

Simply Complicated,” By Demi Lovato: Demi gave us a hard and honest look at her career from Disney until now. This babe has worked so hard creating the ultimate music for her fans while building her own strength. She is completely honest about her past addictions, struggles and how those events have effected her current music.

Behind The Album,” Harry Styles: After One Direction split, it didn’t take Harry Styles too long to begin creating his solo music. Harry’s documentary took us on a trip to Jamaica as H collabed with producer Jeff Bhasker to create an album we are obsessed with. From surfing adventures to late nights jamming on the guitar, this film really gave us an inside look into how Harry created one of the best albums of the decade!

Making Of A Song,” Taylor Swift: Although it wasn’t a full documentary, Taylor did give us an amazing behind the scenes series of her brand new music. The talented lady took us into her studio with her producers to see the making of her highly anticipated album. She even gave us a look into how she created her incredible music videos for “Look What You Made Me Do” and “…Ready For It?”

Which of this year’s best album documentaries was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!