Oct 12

The American Music Award Nominations Made ONE Huge Mistake According To Halsey


Today was bittersweet for the entire music industry. The American Music Award nominations were released which is SO exciting, right? Well, the problem came when it appeared that the representation of female artists was completely ignored. Singer and AMA nominee for Best Collaboration Of The Year Halsey took to Twitter to voice her complaint. Here’s what Halsey had to say.

The singer tweeted to not only be gracious for her nomination for her collab “Closer” with The Chainsmokers, but to also bring up the major problem with this years AMA nominations. “Really honored to have received an @AMAs nomination but really disappointed to hear near exclusively male names… such a missed opportunity,” she tweeted. And it’s totally true.

This year’s nominees for Artist Of The Year are entirely male, as are the categories Video Of The Year and Tour Of The Year. This is shocking considering Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, and Lady Gaga have all been on tour for the majority of the year. Not to mention, there are countless female artists that deserve to be nominated for Artist Of The Year. We’re shocked along with Halsey.

So many incredible female artists have released music in 2017 and they deserve to be recognized. Even though Halsey is an AMA nominee herself, she was so brave to bring up this controversial point. We hope that the rest of this year’s awards shows see the mistake that the American Music Awards made so that it is not repeated. Every female artist deserves the same recognition as the men in their fields.

Popmaniacs — what do YOU think about the lack of female nominees in this years American Music Awards nominations? Tell us in the comments below.