Oct 14

Ariana Grande’s New Album Is Already Different


Ariana Grande has always been good at keeping us on our toes, and her newest pic on Insta is no different! There’s something a little bit different about Ariana’s album cover — her hair! Ariana just posted a pic on Insta of the cover for her newest single, “Focus,” and we couldn’t help but notice something different.

Ariana’s hair is in her signature half-up high pony, but this time her hair is PLATINUM BLONDE!

Can we just say, Ariana looks ahhmazing as a blonde — but honestly she’s such a babe that she could probably rock any hair color. Now we’re just wondering if maybe this new hair is hint that more changes are to come — like, maybe this new hair color means a new sound to her music? As much as we love Old Ariana, we’re sure we would love anything she releases — this girl is so talented!

Regardless of what the new hair means for her new music, we LOVE Ariana’s new look and we cannot wait to hear her new single “Focus!” What do you think of Ariana’s new hair?! Does she look bomb as a Blonde or should she go back to Brunette? Tell us in the comments!