Mar 25

So Sad: Ariana Cries Over Her Grandpa In Concert


Ariana got super emotional during her New York concert at Madison Square Garden — and it was seriously heartbreaking. The singer dedicated her ballad “My Everything” to her grandfather, then had to stop briefly in the middle of her performance to hold back tears.

Even though she was totally sad, the singer pulled herself together and finished out the song like a true diva. We’re so impressed by how flawlessly the “Break Free” singer handled the totally tearful situation!

Although Ari’s beloved grandpa passed away in July of 2014,  it’s clear that Ariana’s been missing him tons during her sold-out tour.

She recently posted a super sweet conversation on Instagram of Grandpa Grande giving her advice. “Don’t let them challenge you, don’t let them intimidate you, and you do your thing. That’s the only way to do it,” he tells her. Honestly, that’s an amazing piece of advice that we could all use in our lives— famous or not! They end the conversation by exchanging “I love you.” Ugh, the convo is so sweet, yet so sad — we’re totally heartbroken. Is it weird that we’re embracing our phones trying to give Ari a virtual hug?

Ariana’s “Honeymoon Tour” started in February, and will be going allll the way until September of this year. Ariana’s hitting the road to travel through North America, Europe and Asia! We’re totally impressed by how the singer is able to put her personal life aside and perform for her dedicated fans across the globe! Ari is definitely an inspiration to anyone going through a hard time.

We hope that Ariana can continue to keep her grandpa in her heart — and to keep his memory alive on tour. Ari, we only want you to be happy!

What was the best piece of advice you ever received from a relative? Have you ever been in a situation similar to Arianas? Let us know in the comments below!