May 01

EXCLUSIVE: Ashley Brinton Tells All About Her New Single + Music Video!


Happy Music Monday, Popmaniacs! This Monday we have something super special for you — singer/songwriter Ashley Brinton just dropped a brand new single and music video! Ready for the best part? We caught up with her exclusively to hear all about her new track “Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love.”

Popmania: You just dropped your new single “Don’t Want To Lose Your Love” along with the music video, tell us about that!
AB: I just dropped my new single and it’s super exciting! It’s a pop song with an urban edge. It’s catchy and you can’t get the words out of your head.

Popmania: What was it like making the music video? Do you have a favorite memory?
AB: Making the music video was super fun. We shot one day in the Vasquez rocks which are so breathtakingly beautiful. We did have to watch where we walked because of rattle snakes. That was a little crazy. Especially since I had to lay on the rocks and sing.

Popmania: Is there a fun fact about the song that fans might be surprised to learn?
AB: When I was recording this song, to get in character I went to thrift stores and bought two old wedding dresses.  I am kind of quirky so I thought it was cool.  I love thrift stores. You can find the coolest things. You can see the wedding dresses that I wore in the video and artwork. One of them is my single cover for I don’t wanna lose your love and the other one I wore in the music video on top of the rocks.

Popmania: How did you decide to release the single and music video on the same day?
AB: I love the music video so much and it really showcases the story and lyrics of the song. I felt people will connect better with the song when they can see the music video and go on the journey with me.

Popmania: Now that you’ve dropped this new single, can fans expect an EP anytime soon?
AB: Fans can expect my EP out sometime this summer. The songs have been chosen and I can’t wait to launch it. Stay tuned.

Popmania: Any hints/spoilers you can give us about your new music?
AB: The new music will have something for every mood on the EP. All the songs have a positive message and are inspiring while being super fun to dance to.

Popmaniacs — watch Ashley’s “Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love” music video here!