Feb 07

It’s Bea Miller’s Birthday! Celebrate With Her Best Tattoos


Major news, Popmaniacs — it’s Bea Miller’s birthday! Today the singer turns 19-years-old and we’re so excited for her. In honor of her special day, we’re celebrating with her best tattoos. See them here:

Sunflower: We love the trend of finger tattoos that is going around. Bea loved them so much, she had a sunflower tattooed on her middle finger. The ink is absolutely adorable because it is so gentle, yet means a lot to the “Graveyard” singer.

Ghost: It’s awesome to see artists inspired by other artists. Bea fell in love with Paramore’s song “Misguided Ghosts” enough to get a tattoo symbolizing it. The super cute ghost just shows her love for music and how the lyrics have affected her personally.

Red: Artists put their heart and soul into creating the music that we love listening to. To do that, they have to love their music just as much as we love hearing it. Bea got a red square on her hand to commemorate her Red EP. Not only that, her entire team got the same tattoo to match in celebration of the new music she released this summer.

Maple Leaves: The friends who get tattoos together, stay together! Bea and her bestie went to a tattoo parlor and got matching maple leaves to celebrate their friendship. The two tattoos featured a simple black outline of the leaf. We love that these two are such good friends that they would get these adorable tiny tattoos together. Now that is what we call friendship goals!

Brain And Heart: This has to be our absolute favorite tattoo that Bea has! She got a double tattoo on the back of her arm that is super amazing. The babe got a red anatomical heart with a black, outlined brain on top of it. We love how beautiful the two pieces look together to create the ultimate meaningful ink.