May 06

Watch Becky G & Austin Kiss In B’s New ‘Lovin So Hard’ Video!


Becky G’s new “Lovin So Hard” music video was just released, and it’s basically an ode to the Austin Mahone and Becky love story. It’s sugary sweet and oh-so cool at the same time, which is nearly impossible.

The video begins with B texting and looking all sorts of cute while she twirls her hair and gets ready for a date. It’s your usual girly music video until exactly 46 seconds in — that’s when Austin (OK, just his hand at first) arrives!

The two singers hold hands and walk around downtown LA together (AKA they go on the cutest day date ever). Becky and Austin look soooo smiley and loved-up as a couple.

Austin rests his head on her shoulder. They both dance in the streets. They wear matching hats. They eat street tacos and it has never looked more romantic. She even wipes his food off his mouth, guys. They’re SO cute!

After A and B’s day date, the duo hit the studio. Austin watches Becky in the booth (and he basically looks like the emoji with the hearts in his eyes) and plays with the sound board while she sings. Becky looks adorable in her shorts, flannel shirt and crop top.

Next, the duo head to an arcade! OK, so fun! Then, they go to the beach in Malibu. Seriously, these two had the dream day date.

At the beach, there’s a lot of cute snuggling, giggling and walking through caves. There’s also a selfie stick involved, which looks super cool. The ultimate beach moment? When Becky draws “A + B” and then a big heart in the sand.

The date (and video) end with the couple going to a frozen yogurt shop, then walking away from the camera hand in hand.

We’re just going to say it now: This video is the cutest/most romantic/sweetest video of 2015. It truly makes you feel like you’re hanging out with the superstar singing duo for the day. It’s not over the top touchy-feely… it’s just totally sweet.

Plus, the song is amazing! We could listen to “Lovin So Hard” on repeat all day, couldn’t you?!

We want to know what YOU think about Becky’s video. Are you happy Austin costarred in the video with her?! Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below!