Oct 11

Becky G Gets Emotional With Her Fans After A Meet + Greet Gone Wrong


As exciting as it can be to meet your favorite celebrity in real life, it’s important to recognize their personal boundaries. If you put yourself in the celeb’s shoes, it can be terrifying being surrounded by hoards of fans who want to get close to you. Becky G recently had to deal with a scary incident, and is speaking out to her fans about what happened. The singer is pleading with her fans to recognize that she’s only human, and it’s an important message for everyone to hear.

Becky shared the tearful message on her Instagram stories. “I was just outside and there were so many fans, I need to say that it takes a couple fans to mess it up for everybody. You guys really need to listen when a security guard says to step back. In this moment I actually got hurt, I’m a human being too, and we have our limits,” she says while clearly shaken up by the incident.

Becky continued to voice her feelings on her Twitter. “The show goes on. Just had to share my honest thoughts with you guys. Not to make anyone feel bad but to be honest with myself,” she wrote to fans. “I hate that people think their actions or words don’t hurt. I’m sorry but I felt in my heart that it was important to be honest with you all,” she continued.

This is seriously heartbreaking. We hate to think that Becky G could feel unsafe with her fans, especially when the singer genuinely does love meeting them. We hope that all of Becky’s Beasters take her words to heart so that Becky isn’t forced to cancel future meet and greets.

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