Feb 06

Becky G Gives The Best Boy Advice Ever


Becky G is a singer, rapper, dancer — and apparently now a boy guru! The 17-year-old singer tweeted a super-profound and oh-so true piece of advice about guys.

This girl-power artist preaches the truth about how girls can supply for themselves – and not count on the boys to bring home the bacon!

We love how inspiring Becky’s tweet is!

“It ain’t about his money. You can make that on your own. It’s about how he treats you #imakemyown ❤️”

The California-born princess is FAR from afraid to speak her mind!

We think it’s super important to be independent girls and not let the boys get in the way of that — and Becky totally agrees!

The “Can’t Stop Dancin” singer doesn’t just tweet about her independence, she sings about it, too!

In her song “Girlfriend,” Becky tells us how it is. With lyrics like “I Like it if you got a job — but I got my own cash. And I ain’t with it if you trying to move so face, I want a best friend, someone I can laugh with — someone I can share my Disneyland pass with.”

This girl is in charge of her own life — and we LOVE it!

Becky sings about how lame drama is in her song, too.

“No drama, I already got enough — can’t buy my love, I already got enough stuff.”

It’s official — “Girlfriend” is our new fave song by Becky!

What do you think about Becky’s girl-power tweet? Let us know in the comments below!


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    soooooo true