Feb 25

Eww! Watch Bella Thorne Eat A Raw Onion


17-year-old Bella Thorne hit the Jimmy Kimmel Live last night! The 17-year-old confessed so many shocking things — and by things, we mean foods! Read on to get the full scoop on Bella’s awesomely surprising confessions.

We know that Bella is a super-talented actress, but who knew that she was also a talented… eater? Yeah, Bella is THAT cool.

B dished some pretttyyy strange savory snacks that she’s into!

“I can eat an onion like an apple. I can pop garlic cloves. I can also eat a whole lemon. Like, the rind and everything.,” Bella spilled to Jimmy.

Ahhh! Rind and all? That’s some serious snacking you’ve got going on there, Bella!

But wait — Bella’s spicy snack habits get even MORE crazy!  You’ll never guess what she admitted to Jimmy next.

“Once I ate nine cups of jalapenos straight,” Bella said.

OK — that’s straight up crazyyyy. But pretty impressive, too! Keep doing what you’re doing Bella, you just keep get cooler and cooler.

The DUFF actress shared that she “is not really a big sweets fan,” but loves anything salty or spicy! Sooooo… if we start downing the spiciest of all foods, we’ll be as cool as Bella, right? If so, count us in for this spicy specular!

After hearing that The DUFF actress can eat an onion like an apple, Jimmy gave Bella an onion to take a bite of, right there on the show! B took a huge bite without even flinching. Jimmy tried to take a bite after her, but that didn’t last very long (neither would we)

Watch Bella’s fully hilarious interview with Jimmy Kimmel right above!

Yet another reason to love Bella — she’s drop-dead gorgeous and likes quirky foods! Make sure to catch Bella’s character in The DUFF — it’s way funny and in theaters now!

What do YOU think about Bella’s onion obsession? Let us know in the comments below!


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