Feb 04

Go Inside Bella’s New Movie Shoot!


Bella Thorne is unstoppable! She’s had a new year full of singing, modeling and TWO new movies! The 17-year-old is not only starring in the film The Duff, she also has taken on a more edgy role in the new Lifetime movie Perfect High. 2015 is totally your year, Bella! Read on to find out more about Bella’s new role.

Bella plays a girl named Amanda — she’s a high school aged dancer! She gets a super-bad knee injury and starts taking pills to help with the super-bad pain. Sadly, Amanda starts hanging out with the wrong crowd and finds herself getting into serious trouble.

Bella posted a behind the scenes pic of the Perfect High shoot, so she must be totally psyched on the new gig! Check the pic out right here.

Even though this is by-far Bella’s darkest role, we are WAY excited to see her amaze us in a new light!

The successful dancer and actress had her doubts on becoming successful just like anyone else — and totally showed the haters she can put anything she puts her heart into.

“I’m dyslexic so everyone told me I couldn’t be an actress because I couldn’t read but I proved them wrong. I didn’t know at the time that a lot of famous actors have dyslexia. It wasn’t easy but I knew then that I wanted to do acting. The singing and dancing came along with the role in Shake It Up,” Bella tells Bella Thorne Online.

Bella starred in the Disney show Shake It Up as Cece Jones for a total 75 episodes. WOW! The “Call It Whatever” singer sure has a lot of acting under her belt — so we KNOW she can rock just about any role she plays.

In addition to her TWO movies in the works, Bella keeps going! Just last month, B starred as January’s Cosmo cover girl (and rocked the cover so well).

Make sure to see Bella in The Duff (in theaters February 20) and to keep your eye for when the Lifetime TV movie Perfect High comes out!

What do YOU think about Bella’s edgy new acting gig? Let us know in the comments below!


  • Jenny Girl

    omg I can’t wait 2 see The Duff!!