Feb 18

Our 20 Fave Insta Posts Yet!


Instagram is a beautiful place where anyone can share his or her lives through cute pics. And let’s be real here — some people post better pics than others! We have thrown together 15 of our all-time fave Insta pics yet.

1. Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice + a baby jaguar = one of the cutest pictures we’ve ever seen! Can we play with a baby jaguar, too? Please?

2. 5SOS

There’s probably nothing better than seeing a million pics of 5SOS all together at once. While announcing a show. They’re amazing.

3. Anna Kendrick

Ok first of all, Anna Kendrick looks absolutely breathtaking. Second of all, she’s with Katy Perry. Our two faves. Together. ‘Nuff said.

4. Cara DeLevingne

Ooh, ooh, ah! Ah! The way Cara Delevingne pulls off monkeying around with a monkey hood and banana that well is one of the many reasons why we love her awesome quirkiness.

5. Charli XCX

Bubbles have NEVER looked cooler! The rebellious babe Charlie XCX can make just about anything look way cool. Even light little bubbles.

6. Cody Simpson

It’s no news that Cody Simpson posts the hottest Insta pics of himself casually strumming a guitar. And we love it. Keep them coming, Cody (please)!

7. Debby Ryan

You scream, we scream, Debby Ryan screams for ice cream! This oh-so adorable pic of an ice cream cone is almost as cute as Debby herself!

8. Ella Henderson

A studio selfie at its absolute best. Ella Henderson loves hot sauce. And we love Ella. So it all works out.

9. Ellie Goulding

OK, you caught us, we love kitties. How could we not? Ellie Goulding totally understands our obsession.10. Ellie Rose

If you’re not following our dearest Ellie Rose, you’re totally missing out. She makes our days so much brighter by posting a cutesie pic of a yummy pineapple every Tuesday, of every week!

11. Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony, froyo has never looked so good! The 5H gal’s goofy frozen yogurt pic had us craving some of that icy goodness the second we saw this pic.

12. G Hannelius

G. Hannelius created the cutest version of “I Spy” with this pic of her dog camouflaged in a pile of clothes!

13. Gigi Hadid

Just like her blonde BF Cody, Gigi Hadid posts the most majestic selfies to ever exist. This one makes us feeling as if we’re sipping on a coconut smoothie while catching some rays at the beach.

14. Kendall Jenner

Fashionista Kendall Jenner pulled off the most trendy rain-look in a see-through lacey hood. We wouldn’t mind it being winter forever with fashion like this. Maybe.

15. Kylie Jenner

It’s no lie that Kylie Jenner is the selfie QUEEN. Literally every single selfies she snaps is purely on point. That’s why we love this one so much, Kylie is rocking a blonde wig and burgundy lips — and still looks fabulous!

16. Meghan Trainor

As selfie of a selfie — Meghan Trainor did it right!

17. Olivia Holt

Fine, we might love ice cream a little TOO much. But how could we not when actresses like Olivia Holt make it look so yummy?

18. Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale is twinning hard with her adorbs unicorn stuffy. So, Lucy — where can we find one of those unicorns? You know, cough cough, for our little sister….

19. Peyton List

Surprise! More ice cream! We’re totally envious of Peyton List’s luck with an onsite ice cream truck at her work! Must be nice…

20. Shay Mitchell

Oh, Shay Mitchell — how are you so beautiful? Even while wearing a goofy rice hat on your head? Maybe one day we’ll learn to be as photogenic as Shay!

Which celebs post YOUR fave Instagram pics? Let us know in the comments below!