Feb 27

Our Six Fave Female Actresses For Spring


Acting is a talent that not everyone can nail, which is why we respect the ones who rock at it! From super-magical films to way-funny shows, we have picked out our five fave female actresses that play their part, and do it well! Read on to find out our fave actresses at the moment. 

1) Emma Watson: This British beauty started young with the Harry Potter movies. She continued to make us fall in love with her in The Perks of Being a Wallflower and her incredible HeforShe campaign. Bonus points for announcing that she’s going to play a DISNEY PRINCESS! More on that right here.

2) Lucy Hale: We’re obsessed with this chick for her role as Aria Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars’, but her talent goes beyond acting! Lucy absolutely kills it in the country music department. Listen to her gorge voice here.

3) Peyton List: This Florida-born babe stars on the Disney Channel series Jessie, which we love. Peyton is also beyond fashionable, which is totally obvious once you check out her flawless Instagram account!

4) Sarah Hyland: Of course Sarah is incredible as Hayley Dunphy on Modern Family, but this lady is also super silly and loveable, openly admitting her love for Taco Bell. We’re totes excited to see her in her upcoming film, See You in Valhalla.

5) Shay Mitchell: We have another Pretty Little Liars’ actress on the list, but who can blame us? They’re perfect! Shay is amazing in her role as Emily Fields and also has an Instagram account that would make fashionistas and photographers drool.

6) G. Hannelius:  Not only is she the star of Dog with a Blog, but G. cofounded her own nail art wrap company! How totally awesome is that?! Check out one of her nail art tutorials right here.

Alright, Popmaniacs. Who are some of YOUR fave actresses? Let us know in the comments below!


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