Feb 24

Best Weekend Ever: 4 Things To Do With Your BFF This Weekend


It’s finally the weekend, Popmaniacs! That means no school for two whole days, what could be better than that? An entire weekend to do nothing but relax with your bestie. Here are the best things to do in order to maximize your weekend!

1. Binge watch Riverdale — What more could you want from a show that has a mystery murder, cute boys, and fabulous clothes? Archie Andrews has our hearts, Popmaniacs, and Cheryl Blossom has a closet we would love to raid! We seriously cannot stop watching.

2. DIY your own bracelets — We know making friendship bracelets can be kind of cheesy, but bear with us here. We’re talking about making your own macrame bracelets with cute, little gold accents around the band to give it the look that you just bought each of them at Nordstrom. Plus, you can match with your BFF’s!

3. Go to the pool — Going to the pool is always a classic. You can get tan with your besties, enjoy the warm weather that summer always brings, and discuss the latest scandal you witnessed while watching Riverdale earlier in the day. Plus, you can take some cute Insta pics and get hella likes. It’s a win-win situation.

4. Try out a new workout from one of your favorite stars — All our favorite stars take to social media, like Instagram and Snapchat, to post some of their workouts. We’re big fans of Kira Kosarin’s workout Insta page, where she posts her progress and some of her favorite workouts.