Jun 15

Go Behind-The-Scenes On Jennette’s New TV Show!


YES – Between just released a behind-the-scenes featurette about their show! And Jennette McCurdy shares all about her character and what made her want to do the show.

So if you didn’t know, Netflix has a new series streaming right now, Between, starring Jennette – and it is SO GOOD. The show follows the story of a mysterious disease that has wipe out everyone over 22 years old in the town of Pretty Lake. The government decides to quarantine the town to keep the disease from spreading, which means that no one can escape. Crazy intense, right?!

As if that wasn’t dramatic enough, J plays the pregnant daughter of Pretty Lake’s minister. This is totally a turn from the light-hearted roles in iCarly and Sam and Cat that we got to know her from! But don’t worry, she’s still absolutely AMAZE in this new role as Wiley Day.

“Wiley’s pregnant, her head’s spinning, and she doesn’t feel understood. Wiley has a cynicism to her, but she has a very deep-rooted sensitivity. We’re all figuring out what we’re going to do next and how we’re going to save ourselves,” Jennette shares. How cool/intense does her character sound? Defs some teenage drama in a pretty dire situation.

J also spilled why she wanted to do the show!

“I’m a huge Netflix fan. When they told me about this show, I was excited because I could see how character driven it could really be.” She goes on to say that the show, “really has a voice of it’s own. And to me, that’s great television.”

The featurette shows clips of some seriously dramatic scenes, and gets info from some of the other cast members. Apparently the characters all have to “face their fears and move forward to survive.”

OK – this is making us SO beyond excited to see the rest of the episodes of the series! It’s crazy intense and we are biting our nails to see what happens next. Watch it on Netflix every Thursday night and 8:30 PM PT!

Have you gotten to watch Jenette’s new show? What do you think about Between? Let us know in the comment section below!