Nov 12

4 Times Cami Mendes Embraced Her Riverdale Character


Riverdale has become our latest and greatest obsession when it comes to mystery tv shows. Not only that, one of the show’s leading ladies, Cami Mendes, has become one our favorite new actresses in Hollywood! This breakout role really gave Cami a connection to her character and the amazing story she gets to tell. Here are four times Cami Mendes embraced her Riverdale character:

The Perfect Costume: Veronica Lodge isn’t just the new girl at Riverdale High School, but also the most fashionable. Her style is classic and preppy, but with a bit of edge. This created the perfect costume for Cami who was trying to decide on her Halloween costume. If you get to pretend to be your character year round, might as well celebrate her on Halloween!

Cami And Lili’s Relationship: We’ve all heard about the feuds and romances started on sets of hit tv shows, but this time, Cami Mendes was surprised to find a life long friend. It’s awesome that her first big acting job ended up with her having a relationship close to what her character on screen has. Who knew Lili and Cami would become the new B and V?

Reformed Mean Girl: Veronica Lodge tried her hardest in the first season of Riverdale to fight her mean girl image by becoming, what she called, a “reformed” mean girl. Cami embraced this idea and created the cutest graphic t-shirt featuring the slogan and a cartoon version of her character. All of the proceeds from selling the shirts were donated to the Kind campaign, which deals with ending girl-against-girl crime.

Castmates Turned Family: Big TV shows like Riverdale have been known to create the perfect atmosphere for an on set family. Cami got lucky when she adopted the entire cast and crew as her own family. She has become good friends with every single cast mate, especially KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart.

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