Jan 10

Artists We Need Camila Cabello To Collaborate With Like, Right Now


Camila Cabello’s solo career has been giving us life ever since the babe released her debut single “Crying In The Club.” No one slays harder than Cam. As much as we love her solos songs, we absolutely adore her collaborations. Like, how amazing is “Bad Things” with Machine Gun Kelly?! That’s why we’re beyond excited for the long solo career that lies ahead of Camila and hopefully many more collabs. Here are the top artists we hope to hear Camila collaborate with in the future:

Zayn: Both Camila and Zayn know exactly what it’s like to take the risk to leave a super successful music group to pursue a solo career. That’s why we think C and Z would totally vibe in the studio together. Plus, each of these artists has a super cool hip hop influence to their music, so naturally they’d be a match made in heaven.

Steve Aoki: We’re dying to hear Camila collaborate with a DJ to create the most epic dance floor anthem known to mankind. Who better than Steve Aoki for Camila to collaborate with?!

Shawn Mendes: Okay, so these two besties have already collaborated together before on “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” but why not get them in the studio together again?! We already know they have insane musical chemistry, so why not keep a good thing going?

Fifth Harmony: After such a long time apart, we think it’d be so nice for the 5H ladies and Camila to reunite over a song together. It’d be just like old times — we’d even settle for them re-recording one of their hits!

Britney Spears: Britney is basically the queen of pop, so it’d be totally full circle if Cam and Brit collabed on a song together. It would easily make pop music history.

Popmaniacs — who do you want to see Camila Cabello collaborate with?! Tell us in the comments below!