Dec 06

Camila Is Dropping 2 New Surprises Tomorrow + Fans Will ~Never Be The Same~


Camila Cabello is gearing up to launch her solo career at full force. The babe has at long last announced the details of her album’s title and release. Camila will be out on January 12 and we seriously. can’t. wait. This is going to be the best album we’ve heard in forever, judging by the four songs that have already been released. And as if that weren’t amazing enough, she’s dropping two more tomorrow. Yep, that’s right! Here’s what you need to know about the surprises Cam has in store.

The “Havana” singer is dropping some ultra personal music on us tomorrow. She’s releasing “Real Friends” and “Never Be The Same” for us all to fangirl over. Judging by what Cam’s already revealed about the tracks, they’re going to be totally amazing. While it still has yet to be revealed what genres they’ll be, we do know a couple things about the songs.

“Real Friends” has some super special artwork to it — it was drawn by Camila’s little sister! The artwork shows figures playing outside, along with a childhood photo, aww. Cam even included some of the handwritten lyrics as a sneak peek. “I just wanna talk about nothin/with somebody who means somethin/spell the names of our dreams and our demons for the times I don’t understand.” Wow, we wonder if this will be a slow emotional song like “I Have Questions” or an upbeat anthem like “OMG.”

The second song that Camila is surprising fans with is “Never Be The Same.” Judging by the sultry “Havana”-esque album art, it seems like “Never Be The Same” might be a bit more uptempo. Thankfully, Cam also shared a few lines from this track as well! “You’re in my blood/you’re in my veins/you’re in my head…Suddenly I’m a fiend/and you’re all I need.” Alright, we think we can safely assume that “Never Be The Same” will be a love song.

Popmaniacs — are you excited for Camila Cabello to drop two new songs tomorrow?! Tell us in the comments below!