Jul 17

This Video Of Cara Delevingne Beatboxing Is The Radness Your Day Needs


Just when we thought Cara Delevingne couldn’t get any cooler, she out-cooled herself. Of course. Because that’s just who Cara is — the chillest, quirkiest, funnest girl in the world. Who can beatbox. YUP. What can’t she do?!

The model-turned-actress has already shown the world that she can sing, but it looks like the 22-year-old may have a promising rap career! On “The Tonight Show,” Cara showed her skills to Jimmy Fallon as well as the rest of the world! We had NO idea that these mic skills were hiding behind those supermodel brows and Balmain pants! But we’re definitely into it.

Things took an even more hilarious turn when Jimmy Fallon’s hip hop house band The Roots joined in! The band’s rapper started to freestyle over Cara’s beatboxing and it was pretty much the most amazing thing to ever happen. We’re thinking a collab needs to happen. UGH it’s too bad Cara can’t sing over her own beats!

Cara’s been crazy busy lately! She’s been hard at work promoting her film Paper Towns, which is hitting theaters July 24th. Not to mention she also has another film coming out next year Suicide Squad — a hardcore action movie! Not only can Cara literally jump between modeling, acting, beatboxing, and singing, but even within acting she moves between dramas, action thrillers, and just about every other genre! We’re seriously at a loss of words.

In addition to promoting her films, Cara’s been on a world tour! And by that, we mean the CaKe world tour she and model bestie Kendall Jenner have been on. Is it just us, or is CaKe the most gorg friendship in the entire world?

What do YOU think about Cara’s secret beatboxing skills? Let us know in the comments!