Jul 20

Carly Rae Jepsen’s New Music Video = Summer Obsession


Carly Rae Jepsen should be crowned queen of catchy singles. Seriously. From, “Call Me Maybe,” back in 2012, to “I Really Like You,” released earlier this year, Carly TOTALLY has the songs that always get stuck in your head! Get ready for the newest addition to her collection, because she just dropped the catchiest one yet!!

Carly released this incredible music video for her new single, “Run Away With Me,” and we have been keeping it on repeat ALL WEEKEND. Apparently we’re not alone. Celebs like Justin Bieber and Chloe Grace Moretz can’t get enough of this song either. Chloe even called it, “the most fun, great, summer song I’ve heard this year. I’m totally into it.”

And how could they not love it?? The beat is dreamy, yet super energetic by the time it hits the chorus. It’s a dance-pop anthem made in heaven, with lyrics to sing along to all summer long!

OK, so we know the song itself is incredible, but let’s talk about this MUSIC VIDEO. If you didn’t have a serious case of wanderlust before, then you will for sure have one after watching this! Carly skips around Paris and New York, looking absolutely adorable while going up the Eiffel Tower and trying to hold the Statue of Liberty. It seriously makes us want to get on a plane (or boat) right now and see these places in person!

We also love, love, love how the video starts out in black and white, giving it an old fashion vibe. The video slowly transitions to color right before hitting the chorus. SO COOL.

“Run Away With Me,” is the newest song to be released from her upcoming album, Emotion, that’s due in August – it can be pre-ordered now on iTunes! Ok. This just might be the most AMAZE album ever, with three of the best songs already on it! We can’t wait to see any other music videos she releases!!

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