Feb 26

Celeb Sundays: Jordi Whitworth Takes Our Official Popmania Quiz


Major news Popmaniacs — heartthrob Jordi Whitworth stopped by our office in sunny Santa Monica and it was legit the best day of our lives. The British singer/songwriter was in LA to promote all of his upcoming music, so he came over to spill everything to us. Not only is Jordi even dreamier IRL, he’s also the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet! From all about his upcoming single, to the Overload bandmates he still keeps in touch with, he revealed everything to us. Ready for the best part? While Jordi was in our office, he took our official Popmania quiz. Brace yourselves, his answers are everything.

We can totally see why Jordi’s childhood nickname was “Pretty Boy,” this is legit the most fitting thing we’ve ever heard. This should totally be the name of Jordi’s first solo album!

Did you know that Jordi’s really good at eating Domino’s pizza? We’re dying to split a pie with him. We wonder what toppings he likes! Our dream date basically consists of Jordi and a huge pizza.

Our hearts couldn’t handle it when Jordi shared that his last text was from his mom. That’s the sweetest thing we’ve ever heard — we love when guys are super close to their moms! It’s official: Jordi’s literally perfect.

Popmaniacs — which of Jordi Whitworth’s quiz answers is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!