Oct 11

Bella Thorne, Ariana Grande + More Celebrate National Coming Out Day!


Today is National Coming Out Day, Popmaniacs! From celebs who have their own personal coming out experiences, to celebs who are proud to be LGBT allies, here are the most important messages from National Coming Out Day:

Ariana Grande“happy national comin out day ! for every person that gives u a hard time for being you, there are a whole lot more ready to celebrate you,” Ariana wrote to her fanbase. We love the way that Ariana Grande is using National Coming Out Day as a cause for celebration! We’re right there with her.

Bella Thorne“I would love it if you could be yourself. And be happy #NationalComingOutDay,” Bella tweeted. Bella came out as bisexual very publicly on her Twitter in 2016. Since then, Bella has appeared happier and more honest to herself than ever before. We hope that others can be inspired to be as true to themselves as Bella is.

Maia Mitchell: “To anyone who doesn’t feel safe to openly love who they love, I’m thinking of you today. #NationalComingOutDay,” The Fosters actress shared with her fans. Maia is an important example of how to be a caring ally to the LGBT community.

Tyler Oakley: “coming out is great, but do it on YOUR terms. #NationalComingOutDay is meant to encourage discussion, not put pressure on those not ready <3″ the YouTuber shared with his followers. Tyler brings up a super important point. National Coming Out Day is meant to bring awareness and celebration to the coming out process, not to force or pressure anyone.

Popmaniacs — which celebrity message is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!