Oct 06

Bea Miller’s ‘Chapter 3: Yellow’ Is Finally Here! Deets


Ever since Bea Miller announced her 3 series EP project on Twitter last year we’ve been in an absolute frenzy Popmaniacs. Let us be the first to say, this girl knows EXACTLY what she’s doing.

We have been waiting patiently and it seems the wait is finally, finallyyy over. After the success of Chapter 1: BlueChapter 2: Red, Bea has released Chapter 3: Yellow and we think we’re about to lose whatever chill we had left. Which was basically none, lets be honest.

For those of you that have absolutely no idea what we’re talking about, let us rewind for a sec shall we? Ok sooo back in February she released part one of a three part EP project. The first part is called Chapter One: Blue. She then went on to release the second part to be called Chapter Two: Red, that came out this June. And now we have finally reached part three that is of course called Chapter 3: Yellow. All of the colors represent emotions. See where she’s going with this?

So now that it’s come together fans can see the big picture. Which is, that over the past year she’s released each part separately of her not-yet titled sophomore album. The point of releasing her EPs this way in three song collections is to bring fans on a journey of the end of a relationship. THIS is where the colors come in. Chapter one is blue that stands for sadness (get it?). Chapter two is red which symbolizes anger (you’re catching on now aren’t you?). Lastly chapter three, yellow stands for self acceptance. ACTUAL TEARS.

Her full-length second album is set for early 2018 release and it will include the three previously released chapters plus three brand new tracks to complete the story arc.

The album features collabs with a number of notable songwriters and producers including our #MCM Nick Jonas *SCREAMS* so you know the whole project is basically about to be straight fire.

We think she’s pretty ingenious for this whole thing, but hey don’t take our word for it. Listen for yourself HERE.

Popmaniacs — have YOU listened to Bea Miller’s Chapter 3: Yellow? Tell us your favorite song in the comments below!