Oct 02

Chill Guys — Justin Clears 1D Feud Rumors


Anyone who follows Justin Bieber on Snapchat may recall a certain Snap he posted about other artists releasing their album on the same day as his. AKA the entire internet started jumping to conclusions about Justin’s message being targeted towards One Direction, since both are dropping their new albums on November 13th. But thankfully Justin recently went on the record with KISS 1065  to clear the air! “It doesn’t bother me. No. I’m excited,” JB stated. “Honestly, Niall [Horan] is one of my good friends. I look forward to listening to their album, too.” PHEW — we’re so glad that Justin feels this way! We’re honestly so relieved that there’s no drama because both of these albums are destined to be amazing and we didn’t want to have to choose sides! Slash, how cool is it that Justin’s looking forward to Made in the A.M. just as much as we are?! We’re just gonna throw this out there butttt we totally think that the guys should collab. How awesome would their voices sound together?! Now that we know there’s no bad blood between these two pop music forces, there’s no reason they can’t get together in the studio!