Aug 12

5 Citizen Four Covers We’ve Been Listening To On Repeat


Ever since we saw Citizen Four in concert this summer, we’ve been obsessing over their music. Not only is their original music incredible, but their covers are even better than the originals. Although C4 is super talented in their own right, they perfectly re-create their own sound in other popular songs. These are five Citizen Four covers we’ve been listening to on repeat:

Needed Me,” by Rihanna: This stripped down version of Rihanna’s song sounds incredible by C4. The boys showcase their incredible vocals throughout this song with amazing falsetto and vocal control. You can tell the guys feel every single emotion and express the lyrics perfectly throughout the song.

This Town,” by Niall Horan: Niall would be super proud of Citizen Four for their version of his song. We love that the band made the song upbeat compared to Niall’s simple acoustic sound. The change in sound gave the song a whole new vibe and we can’t get enough!

Mercy,” by Shawn Mendes: Citizen Four took a special pop twist with the sound of this cover. The beat, synths and drums really emphasized the vibe of the song. That didn’t take away from the group’s overall sound. We think that these guys should definitely work with Shawn for the most epic collab ever!

Black Beatles,” by Rae Sremmurd: The guys of C4 worked with the incredible Kurt Hugo Schneider for this awesome cover. With only a piano, beat boxer and the band, these guys achieved a simple yet extraordinary version of this song.

Cold Water,” by Major Lazer, Justin Bieber: We love how these guys took the sounds of the original song and fused their own vocal twist into it. From the vocal layers to Josh Levi’s incredible solo riffs, it was too hard to pick what we love it about it the most. Keep up the great work, C4!

Which Citizen Four covers is your favorite Popmaniacs? Let us know in the comments below!