Dec 06

3 Times Cole Sprouse Was Jughead IRL


Riverdale has basically taken over our lives ever since the first episode premiered. Not only is the drama addictive, but the characters legit feel like our classmates at this point. We can’t imagine any other actors playing these characters. But this is especially true for Jughead AKA Cole Sprouse. We fell in love with Cole years ago during his time on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, but have fallen in love with him and Jughead all over again. Let’s face it, Cole is basically Jughead IRL. Here’s proof:

That Time He Narrated Our Thoughts (About Sneakers): Cole posted this totally swoonworthy photo, but it was the caption that reached next-level Jughead status. “I am the monster that lives inside your chucks. That giggling, slightly nasally voice you hear when you put them on…that’s me, now you know,” he wrote. Jughead narrates all of the Riverdale episodes, and now we know it’s him narrating every time we put our converse on.

That Time He Looked Beyond Hot In A Crown: We never knew that a crown could look so good. This shoot Cole did rocking a crown and cape reached new levels of swoonworthy. TBH, we’re hoping that Cole starts a fashion movement because we’re dying to see more crowns in our everyday life.

That Time He Shipped Bughead: The Cole/Lili rumors have been swirling nonstop, and Cole’s gorgeous shots of Lili aren’t doing anything to stop it. Cole is known for his photography skills, but his photos of Lili are a special type of incredible. We may be reading too much into this, but if Jughead had a camera he would totally use it to take artsy pics of Betty.

Popmaniacs — do YOU think that Cole Sprouse and Jughead are similar? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!