Nov 03

Daniela Nieves Spills About Her Nickelodeon Besties


Popmaniacs — we recently got to chat with WITs Academy‘s Daniela Nieves and she was awesome! She spilled everything to us, from WITs Academy deets to reminiscing about Every Witch Way — we’ve never been so obsessed. We’re seriously convinced that Daniela is IRL magic.

The cast of WITs Academy is super tight, so we had to ask if they ever hang out with our other fave Nickelodeon stars! “Yeah, the kids from Talia in the Kitchen, we hang out with them a lot,” Daniela revealed to us! “Liam, who actually was in a couple episodes of Every Witch Way and he’s in Talia in the Kitchen now, we hang out with him a lot. The rest of the cast, they’re super sweet and awesome. But since we’re set in Miami, we don’t really hang out with the L.A. Nickelodeon actors. When we do go to L.A., we do, but since we’re mostly here we’ll mostly hang out with Talia in the Kitchen.” That seriously sounds so fun!

We were dying to know who Daniela would love to have guest star on WITs Academy! “I think it’ll be really awesome to have a singer — I don’t know why. I think it’ll be really cool to have a guest star like a band or a music performance, I think that’ll be really cool. Probably Sydney Park, I love her; she’s super awesome! If she could guest star on WITs, that would be so much fun.” Um, we totally agree. That would be awesome.

Daniela also revealed to us the show that she’s dying to guest star on! “Pretty Little Liars,” D spilled! We can totally see this happening — it would be so cool to watch Daniela guest star on PLL! This needs to happen ASAP.

Popmaniacs — what show would YOU love to see Daniela guest star on? Let us know in the comments!