Mar 10

See Debby Ryan’s Wild New Look!


Debby Ryan has earned her way to our list of most-fave females for SO many reasons! The 21-year-old babe is a way talented actress AND singer — and now she has a shocking new look!

Debby has rocked ruby hair for years thanks to her Disney show Jessie, but Deb just decided to take a step into a “lighter” direction! Even though we are SO sad Jessie is coming to an end, we are OBSESSING over Debby’s new bleach-blonde babe look.

Seriously, how gorgeous does Debs look? The hair change is way rock n’ roll — just like her personality!

Debby’s blonde hair isn’t the only new thing going on in her life — she’s also got an album in the works! She’s so psyched about her new music.

“I’ve spent a lot of my career telling other people’s stories, but my music allows me to voice what I want to say. It’s perfect—we’re just a group of friends who love making music,” Debby told Teen Vogue.

New look, new music! We love it.

Don’t forget to catch Debby at the 2015 Kids’ Choice Awards. She has a nom for “Favorite Kids TV Show.” We’re crossing our fingers that Debby — and her blonde hair — will take home the coveted orange blimp this year.

You go, Debby! Way to be totally fearless. Blonde fits Debby SO well.