Aug 26

OMG Is Demi Teasing A New Album?


Demi’s been up to some pretty major things lately. “Cool For The Summer” has been playing on the radio basically nonstop, she released the hottest video of the summer for it, and got the most adorable new pup, Batman, all while working on her skin care products Devonne by Demi — You could say she’s been a little busy! But is there an album in the works too on top of everything else? A couple of hours ago, Demi tweeted one word that left us with SO many questions. She tweeted, “1. Perfect,” to her fans leaving us all wondering what this could possible mean. Could this be the first of many tweets teasing the tracks of her new album? If this is the beginning of a trend of celebrities spilling all their music secrets on Twitter — Justin Bieber’s been at it too – we’re totally all for that! All we know, is we’re absolutely dying for a new Demi album. If it’s anything like “Cool For The Summer,” we know we’ll be OBSESSED. For now, we’ll just be patiently waiting on Twitter, hoping that Demi decides to grace us with another teaser tweet. What do you think about the possibility of a new Demi Lovato album? Tell us in the comments!