Jan 13

EXCLUSIVE: Dexter Darden Tells All About ‘Maze Runner: Death Cure’


Popmaniacs — We had the incredible opportunity to speak exclusively with Maze Runner actor Dexter Darden! We were dying to ask Dexter all things Maze Runner, from new movies spoilers to his all-time favorite memories with the cast. Trust us, Dexter’s answers did not disappoint. Ready for the best part? We’re sharing them all with you! Here’s what Dexter spilled exclusively to us:

Popmania: Your new film Maze Runner: The Death Cure is out soon, tell us about that!

DD: It’s going to be awesome! It’s the third and FINAL installment to a franchise that people have been following for some time. This movie answers all the questions that people have and takes the action to a whole new level.

Popmania: What are you most excited for fans to see in this new film?
DD: I’m excited for fans to see the growth in the characters! The brotherhood and family aspect is back in this film, and that’s one thing I felt people missed in the second film.

Popmania: Is there a fun fact that fans would be surprised to learn about this new movie?
DD: There are a lot of surprises in this one! Things you may have thought have happened, or people who you thought were bad may surprise you with their motives in this one.

Popmania: What would you guys do when you weren’t busy filming?
DD: Just hang out, make dinners, play video games and listen to music. We would often jam together and make music together!

Popmania: Would you do more Maze Runner films in the future??
DD: Absolutely!!

Popmaniacs — Maze Runner: Death Cure hits theaters on January 26! Do you have a favorite Maze Runner movie? Tell us in the comments below!