Dec 07

Dinah Jane Just Dropped A Christmas COLLAB With A Major Icon! Watch


The holidays are here in full force, Popmaniacs! Temperatures are dropping, holiday sales are going, and all of our favorite artists have been releasing incredible Christmas songs for us to blast all season long. But no holiday release has been better than the literal present that Fifth Harmony’s Dinah Jane gave to fans today. The 5H star didn’t just give fans a Christmas song, she gave them a Christmas collab… and it’s one that’s super close to Dinah’s heart. Here’s why Dinah Jane and Leona Lewis’s “Christmas Medley” is a huge deal for Dinah.

When Dinah dropped the song today, she took to Twitter to share with fans why this song is so special to her. “As a little girl, I’ve always looked up to empowering female vocal artists such as Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Carrie Underwood , Beyoncé, & Leona Lewis ! At the age of 11 is when I took my love & interest for singing a bit more serious. Around this time, I was sleeping over at my cousins house and they had asked me to sing them a song just for fun. I had chosen Yesterday by Leona Lewis. This became my first ever cover on YouTube titled ‘Tongan Girl Singing.’ I’ve always hoped to one day sing with Ms.Lewis. Fast forward 8yrs later, I’m not singing a christmas cover with just anyone , I’m actually singing WITH LEONA LEWIS ! What a humbling experience this is for me I tell you. I’m so grateful for those of you who have followed me throughout my journey & to those who made this dream collab come to life! I was just scrolling through Twitter one day and I came across a tweet saying “ Dinah & Leona need to do a song together “ and Leona had faved it! I was freaking out to my mom like, ‘WHAT DOES THIS MEAN MOM !?! Is this a Green Light !? OH MYGAHHH!’ the little 11 yr old me in me is totally fangirling at this point !! This is the best Christmas gift I’ve ever received! Thank you to the fans & thank you Ms.Lewis for making my dreams come true! With that being said, enjoy this special medley we created for you guys this Christmas! With all love XX Dinah Jane.”

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