Feb 06

Dove Cameron’s Advice About Crying Is SO Important


Dove Cameron is one of our favorite celebrities for so many reasons. Not only is she talented and beautiful, she’s wise beyond her years. She always reaches out to fans about their feelings and it’s exactly why her fanbase is so strong. Just when we thought we couldn’t love Dove more, she opened up to a fan going through a hard time about the importance of crying — here’s what she said.

The Liv and Maddie star posted their convo on Instagram and it’s filled with valuable advice. “In terms of what I do when I’m sad: crying will always help. It releases a stress hormone. It’s medical. Next up, turn off all electronics, no social media, take off your shoes, take off your makeup, wear something loose-fitting that you feel good in (something soft) and eat good food. Don’t look in the mirror. Don’t drink caffeine. Sleep as much as you can. And spend time in natural light. Sunlight will heal you.”

Dove went on to urge the fan to seek the love of friends and family. “And then talk to people and hold eye contact as much as you can. So much of your sadness (you will find) comes from isolation. We, as a society, don’t realize how isolated we have become from one another. It causes depression and anxiety and leads to a lifetime of loneliness. And we don’t even realize, because everyone is going through it! So: as boring as it sounds, talk to people as much as you can. Family and friends included. You’ll find that your brain will start to lace itself back together overtime.”