Mar 01

Dove Cameron’s Most Positive And Uplifting Tweets


There isn’t a person on this planet who doesn’t absolutely love Dove Cameron. How could anyone not? She’s the sweetest little angel ever. And her Twitter totally reflects that. That’s why we’re recapping Dove’s sweetest tweets:

“i love when strangers ask other strangers for help. so sweet & trusting. relying on the honesty and kindness of humans,” Dove wrote. Aww, this is seriously so important. It’s always good to spread kindness and love to others, even when they’re just everyday people.

“i love to see a girl walking down the street by herself, no headphones in, thinkin her thoughts with a smile on her face. yes, princess.” the actress shared. One of our favorite things about Dove is how she uplifts other women. Isn’t it obvious why she’s our girl crush?

“good morning sweet people!! decide right now it’s gonna be a good day,” she wrote to her followers. YAS! Every morning when you wake up, make the decision that you’re going to have a great day. Getting your mindset right is half the battle.

“STOP PITTING WOMEN AGAINST EACH OTHER. stop putting people down/creating darkness. chill oouutt. let people be. go laugh at something funny,” Dove enlightened her fans. This is everything. Women are capable of so much more when they come together versus fight against each other.

“repeat this with me: it is not your job to please anyone but yourself.” she wrote. No one knows how to self-love better than Dove. We should all learn something from Dove and value our own happiness above all else.