Jun 18

Celeb Sundays: Dylan Playfair Takes Our Official Popmania Quiz


Major news, Popmaniacs — Dylan Playfair stopped by our office in sunny Santa Monica for an on-camera interview and it was everything! The Canadian actor sat down with us to dish everything from Descendants 2 behind-the-scenes stories to fun facts about his costars. Not only is Gaston’s son Gil about to become your fave new character, Dylan is destined to be your next celebrity crush. While we were hanging out with Dylan, he took our official quiz and this week we’re sharing his answers with you:

Did you know that Dylan (or should we call him “Dilly Bar”) is really good at playing the harmonica? We had no idea! We told Dyl that the next time he comes into our office he has to bring his harmonica so we can hear his skills.

How adorable is it that Dylan’s last text is from his mom? That’s seriously so sweet. Not to mention, we love the way that he drew in the emojis she used.

Even though we’re obsessed with all of D’s answers, our favorite has to be when he shared the best advice he’s ever been given. “There’s no failure, only stepping stones” — we couldn’t love this more.

Popmaniacs — which of Dylan Playfair’s quiz answers is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!