Jul 17

Our 4 Favorite Things About Ed Sheeran’s Game Of Thrones Cameo!


Game of Thrones gave us the ultimate treat during their season premiere last night and we are beyond grateful! Ed Sheeran had a cameo on the highly anticipated episode and showcased his singing and newfound acting skills. We like seeing Ed try out a new talent that we hope he continues to pursue. Here are our four favorite things about Ed Sheeran’s Game of Thrones cameo:

His Acting: This is Ed’s first time acting in a major role, so landing his first role on Game of Thrones makes us super proud! Although he only had a few lines, his reactions and genuine expressions throughout the scene really proves his acting skills. With a performance like this, we wouldn’t be surprised if we caught the “Shape of You” actor on the Oscars red carpet this year.

His Singing: As usual, Ed swoons us with his incredible voice in this scene. Even him singing acapella makes our jaws drops. The minute the rest of the men join in and harmonize with the Grammy singer is when we got chills down our backs! Imagine if Ed recorded a full version of the song? We would definitely be listening to it on repeat.

The Meaning Behind The Song: Ed sings the eerie “Hands of Gold” tune in this episode of GOT. Not only is the song incredible to listen to, it also hints at something deeper than just a scene in the episode. Apparently, the song is foreshadowing a tragic event to come!

His Costume: Game of Thrones is an awesome show to watch because of the acting, story lines and especially because of the costumes. Ed looked amazing dressed in a deep red cloth and metal armor. Although we couldn’t see Ed’s famous tattoos, the singer still looked incredibly handsome and ready for battle.

What was your favorite part of Ed Sheeran’s Game of Thrones cameo? Tell us in the comments below!