Apr 10

Behind The Scenes At Ellie Rose’s Islington Show!


It’s no secret that here at Popmania, we are oh-so obsessed with British singer Ellie Rose. Ellie’s so cool, so sweet and totally talented. I mean, seriously, what’s NOT to love about her?!

Lucky for us, Ellie let us spy on her — and her cool band — before their big show live in Islington a few weeks ago. Watch the YouTube vid above to get to see what REALLY happens before a big show!

Hint: It involves random things like shadow puppets. It also involves a lot of soundcheck, texting and hanging out. Our fave part of the video HAS to be when Ellie is going through the pains of wearing in-ears (that’s how musicians hear music while they’re onstage). Isn’t her face the cutest ever when CLEARLY something is going wrong with what she’s hearing?

As if all that’s not enough, seeing Ellie’s cool outfit and guitar is more than enough to inspire us this weekend. She is seriously our fashion muse!

Alright, Popmaniacs. Watch Ellie’s behind-the-scenes video, then tell us what YOU think! Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below!