May 26

Watch Emily Kinney’s Sweet & Sassy New Music Video!


We lovvveedddd Emily Kinney as Beth in The Walking Dead, and now the blonde babe is playing a new role — singer!

The actress and musician has just released a new music video for her song, “This Is War” — and it’s everything we’d want it to be! In the sweet music video, we get to see Emily jamming out with her band, fighting back against a hater and looking too cute in the COOLEST sweatshirt ever (hey Em, where can we buy that?).

Emily starts off her song with lyrics that are so badass, yet sound so sweet when she sings them in her angelic voice.

“Oh I know all the songs you write are about me

But you change the name so I can’t stake my claim

You’re so greedy.”

Um… OK, she’s literally reading our minds. Isn’t that how we all feel when a boy breaks up with us?! Or when a friend says something behind our back?! Emily, you’re singing our song (literally), girl!

In the song, Emily declares war on someone. She sings that she’s ready to go to battle against someone who has written a song about her. We have never, EVER heard “pow pow pows” and “bang bang bangs” sound so quirky and unexpected in a song. We’re so into her musical style.

We love that Emily’s lyrics are a little bit cutthroat, but her beat is uptempo and his voice is sugary sweet. This girl is so cool, so talented and so brave — we’re major fans here at Popmania!

The video ends with Emily looking sad but still oh-so pretty in bed. Emily, whatever war you’re fighting, we want to go to battle with you! We are #teamkinney for life.

We’re just gonna go ahead and say it now: Emily’s next big move is MEGA MUSIC STAR.

Tell us: Do YOU like Emily’s “This Is War” music video?! Let us know in the comments below!