May 18

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be Hopeful About A ‘Hannah Montana’ Reunion


Sad news, Popmaniacs. Looks like a Hannah Montana reunion won’t be in the works any time soon. The show has been off of tv for over ten years, but we will definitely never forget it. Although we would love to see Miley and Lily under one roof again, Emily Osment confirmed she isn’t really interested in doing any type of reunion as her character but she would definitely explore the idea of a reality reunion. “I think that would be much more interesting, to get everyone together for an interview to talk about the last 11 years” Emily said. EEK — wouldn’t that be awesome?

Although nothing has been planned yet for any type of reunion or anniversary interview, Emily does keep in touch with all of her co-stars whether by accident or a text. “I saw Jason Earles the other day. I talk to Miley about hikes and dogs. We all connect in different ways, which is cool” says Emily.

Emily believes that the reason her and her Hannah Montana co-stars bonded so well for so long is because of their unique bond. Growing up together made their friendship so much stronger. “You go through this experience together where it’s these formative years, 13-18, which is a terrifying age to be in general. You have acne, you cut yourself terrible bangs, you have no style, you’re just going through puberty and it’s terrifying. You have these people that were with you for every step of the way, so it’s really nostalgic and sweet” Emily expressed.

Emily has been busy working on her new show Young and Hungry which just wrapped filming its 5th season. The show is about a girl in her 20s trying to figure out life while working as a chef for a young millionaire. Although it’s not Hannah Montana, Emily is absolutely hilarious as her character Gabi Diamond.

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