Jul 17

EXCLUSIVE: Wengie Tells Us All About Her Brand New App


You guys — we have amazing news. We recently caught up exclusively with Wengie about her brand new app and we’re sharing everything with you! Here’s what the babe shared with us:

Popmania: What are you most excited for fans to see on the app?
Wengie: There is SO much I don’t know where to begin. Firstly there are the CUTEST stickers of my cats Mikki and Mia that I literally want everyone to start using because they are SOOOO cute. Can you tell I’m a crazy cat lady? Next is definitely the exclusive shows where I DIY cool things and also a style show where I dress some really popular YouTubers! Also I’ve never done merch so in the app you can buy some limited release items that are incredibly cute including a phone case with Mikki and Mia on it and a holo popsocket! I can’t wait for them to be released because I want to buy all of them!

Popmania: What’s your favorite thing about your new app?
Wengie: It’s definitely the ability to have a super direct connection with my Wengiecorns in one place!! We’ll have this group chat where I can just stalk all their conversations and even chat with them as well as livestreams where we can just hang out together. It’s like a hangout spot that’s just for us.

Popmania: Is there a cool fact about the app that fans might be surprised to learn?
Wengie: So, those stickers I mentioned before of my two adorable cats… well, you can use them like emojis in conversations on your phone! There will be ones of me too that you can use and there will be new ones every month! I’m sooo excited about these.

Popmania: What sort of things do you hope to be able to do with your app in the future?

Wengie: Making more content for my fans! It’s so fun because I get to be super creative on my app and not just limited to one type of media. The videos fans get with the app this month are just the tip of the iceberg. I have so many more show ideas, more special celebrity guests to collaborate with, more stickers to release, plus this is the only place I’m livestreaming, so I’m excited to play around my livestream formats in here too.

Popmania: Now that you have your own app, what are you dying to do next?
Wengie: Music whether it’s singing or dancing or both have always been a huge passion of mine!! Also creating my own show one day as well. I just love making things and not limiting myself to one medium or box, but definitely moving to bigger and more challenging projects I can really sink my teeth into! I love learning new things and doing things that make me uncomfortable so music will probably be my first challenge in the near future!