Feb 02

Fangirl Friday: 5 Reasons Dua Lipa Is 2018’s Hottest Star


Dua Lipa has been taking over the music scene with her epic song “New Rules.” This babe is without a doubt 2018’s star on the rise. That’s why this Friday we’re fangirling hard over her for these reasons!

Her Voice: Dua Lipa’s new album took us to a whole other world. Her voice has a unique mix of smooth and raspy tones. She showcases her range for low and high notes in every single song she performs. With a voice that amazing, this girl has unlimited potential.

Her Fashion: We love a girl with an incredible sense of style. Dua rocks the most incredible outfits we have ever seen on stage. She tries every cut and color you could ever imagine and *always* slays. From fishnet crop tops to hot pink bell bottoms, this girl is on her way to becoming a fashion icon.

Her Humor: Dua is definitely an artist who doesn’t take herself too seriously. She has so many hilarious videos of her fooling around with friends on Instagram. Although being a singer can be hard work, Dua takes pride in having fun while working.

Her Love For Her Friends: The friends who slay together, stay together! Dua’s Instagram is filled with pictures of hanging out with her friends. She supports them during their individual projects. We love that Dua is so down-to-earth and cares for her besties.

Her Star Power: From her style to her amazing voice, Dua is a star in the making. Her songs have blazed the charts around the world. We think this girl has so much potential and this is just the start of her amazing career. We can’t wait to see where she goes next.