Feb 23

Fangirl Friday: Reasons Jacob Whitesides Is Our Ultimate Celebrity Crush


It’s Friday, Popmaniacs! And what better way to celebrate the weekend than by gushing over our celebrity crush, Jacob Whitesides? We adore Jacob Whitesides for legit every single reason under the sun. He’s cute, talented, and super sweet — what more could we want? Here’s why we’re fangirling over him today:

1. He’s absolutely adorable — Jacob’s Instagram is full of so many dreamy selfies. But don’t take our word for it, Popmaniacs. Check it out for yourself. This one is great. A quality picture with a simple caption. “Hey Instagam.” Hellooo, Jacob! Also, this one. We know you’re thanking us right now.

2. He’s hilarious — Have you taken the time to read some of his tweets? Jacob regularly frequents Twitter to talk about new music, what’s happening in his daily life, and to chat with some of his fans. One of our favorite tweets was when he decided to change his career from singer/songwriter to food critic. “I just referred to my burger as grilliant why am I about to be the hottest food critic of ’17.” We can’t argue with you there, Jacob.

3. He’s an animal lover — The 19-year-old singer regularly posts pictures of himself with dogs on Instagram. He’ll also tweet about puppies. What’s better than pictures of a cute guy holding a dog? Nothing. Just take a look. You’ll find dog pics for days.

4.  His voice is a gift to the world — From “Lovesick” to “Rules of Beautiful,” Jacob Whitesides is taking the world by storm with his impeccable voice. We especially love his cover of “Die A Happy Man” that he posted on Instagram a few months ago. Because it’s an acoustic version with solely Jacob and his guitar, you can truly hear the range of his voice.

5. Family is everything to him — Jacob isn’t shy when it comes to loving his family unconditionally. Whenever he goes home to visit family, he always gushes about how amazing it is. We think that’s too sweet! We were touched when Jacob posted a throwback picture of himself, his mother, and his sister on Instagram for International Women’s Day. “We grew up with hardly any money, and my mom never once made us feel like we were struggling,” Jacob wrote. “She worked all day and night to ensure we would be alright, so thankful i can take care of her now. I love you both so much.”