Jan 26

Fashion Friday: See Lucy Hale’s Fashion Evolution Here!


We love Fridays because they’re fashion’s favorite day of the week. This week, we’re highlighting Lucy Hale’s fashion evolution. See it here!

1. She’s toned down her fashion:
In an interview with Yahoo Style, Lucy has said how she used to be super outrageous with her outfits, but now wants to keep it pretty simple, and we love it. Look how amazing she looks in THIS monochromatic blouse and jean shorts. Super cute!

2. She doesn’t use much makeup: Lucy said in the same interview she totally is that girl who “goes to Sephora and spends way too much money” When she was younger, she definitely was a big fan of make-up, but now she’s reaching for the more natural look. Throw on some concealer, fake lashes, and a bold brow and she’s good to go.

3. She’s experimented with her hair: Lucy can definitely pull off any look, and we totally love it! From long locks to a short bob, she rocks every look.

4. She’s moved on from her angst-y phase: Sometimes it seems like we’ve all had one. Honestly, Lucy still looked amazing even with the colored streaks in her hair. We’re so jealous, and wish we could pull off that look. While she may have had that rock star chic look then, she’s definitely going more for that natural look now.

5. She’s gone blonde: Recently, Lucy has seemed to have traded in her signature dark brown locks for some blonde! We totally love it.

6. She’s totally more confident: Confidence is everything in beauty and fashion. Lucy has changed so much from her very first red carpet at 15 and while we totally think she still was rocking it back then, there’s no denying she’s so much more comfortable in her fashion choices and owning her own style now!

What do you think, Popmaniacs? Are you impressed with Lucy’s style transformation? Let us know in the comments section below.