May 05

Happy Birthday Adele! Celebrate With Our Official Playlist


Today isn’t just any day, Popmaniacs — singer/songwriter Adele turns 29-years-old today! Where would we be without Adele? Who would we listen to when we’re feeling hopelessly in love or helplessly heartbroken? As a nod to Adele’s iconic music, we’re celebrating her birthday with her best songs ever. Adele’s birthday is the perfect excuse to blast her music all. day. long. Here’s what we’re listening to:

“Chasing Pavements” — This was the song we first fell in love with Adele to back in 2008. This song gives us so many memories. There will never be a time that this song doesn’t make us drop everything we’re doing to belt out every single word.

“Rolling In The Deep” — Um, wow is all we can say about this one. “RITD” became an instant classic pretty much the second it was released in 2010.

“Rumour Has It” — As much as we love Adele for her heartfelt ballads, we’re obsessed with the total sass of this song. This 2011 single gives us life even to this day.

“Set Fire To The Rain” — Does everyone else sing this song to themselves every single time it rains? Or is it just us? “Set Fire To The Rain” is still one of Adele’s most famous tracks even though it was released back in 2011.

“Hello” — Adele legitimately broke the internet when she released “Hello” in 2015. Not only did this song top the radio charts, but it also launched hundreds of memes… that we shamelessly still use to this day.

“Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” — We didn’t think it was possible to write a breakup song that made people want to dance, but somehow Adele did the impossible. We played this song all of 2016 long (and still haven’t stopped.)

“Water Under The Bridge” — This is Adele’s most recent single and one of our all-time favorites. We still get excited when we hear it on the radio. We can’t wait to see what her next single is!

Popmaniacs — what’s YOUR favorite Adele song? Tell us in the comments below!