Feb 17

Happy Birthday Ed Sheeran! Celebrate With His Best Love Songs


It’s Ed Sheeran’s birthday! We don’t know how we ever dealt with our emotions before Ed came along. Ed just has this way of explaining everything we’re feeling. That’s why for his birthday, we’re celebrating with his best songs ever! Listen here:

Thinking Out Loud” — If anyone can mend a broken heart, it is definitely Ed Sheeran. The sweet message in this song had our hearts fluttering and falling in love with the singer word after word. Ed’s incredible voice along with his stripped down guitar sound is the perfect way to make anyone feel better.

Photograph” — Remembering the good ole days is one of the most important parts of the healing process. Ed perfectly put this message into his lyrics for this song. “Where our eyes are never closing, hearts were never broken, and time’s forever frozen still,” he sings in the chorus of the tune. We can’t help but totally fall in love with these lyrics to remember the good times instead of the bad.

The A-Team” — Ed taught us to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel with this amazing song. Although things may not be perfect right now, they will be eventually. He really knows how to make any scenario an absolutely beautiful one.

Lego House” — Singing about healing our broken hearts has us swooning all over again. The British singer opened up about helping someone with a broken heart to become whole again in this song. We will just be here pretending he is singing to us every time we listen to it.

Make It Rain” — One of Ed’s earlier songs is perfect for a day cuddled up in bed while it rains outside. The soulful song features a blues and soft rock feel that results in the most amazing emotional performance. Not only is the musicality of the song absolute perfection, adding a blues guitar and Ed’s incredible vocals completes the fabulous song.