Nov 11

Happy Birthday Jacob Whitesides! Celebrate With Our Official Playlist


Today isn’t just any day, it’s heartthrob Jacob Whitesides’ 20th birthday! Today, the singer/songwriter says bye to his teenage years and we couldn’t be more excited for him. In honor of Jacob’s birthday, we’re going to be blasting his music all day long (so basically today’s going to be the best day ever.) Rock out to Jacob’s best songs with us for his special day!

“Killing Me” — This is Jacob’s latest single and it might just be our favorite. Jacob’s taken on a more grown up sound than ever before, this babe is not a teenager anymore and the song makes it clear. Not to mention, how dreamy does Jacob look in the video?!

“Lovesick” — This song describes every single feeling we have about Jacob. We’re completely and totally lovesick over the birthday boy and we wouldn’t have it any other way. This song is proof that no one writes a better song about love than Jacob can.

“Why?” — Jacob gives us major John Mayer vibes with this song. There’s no denying that Jacob is talented far beyond his years. “Why?” is a bluesy, sophisticated jam that totally proved Jacob’s musical talent. We could listen to it on repeat all day long.

“Focus” — It’s physically impossible to listen to this song and not fall even deeper in love with Jacob. The lyrics to this song legit make us blush every time we hear them. Isn’t it obvious why this is one of our favorite Jacob Whitesides songs?

“Let’s Be Birds” — We had to throw it back to Jacob’s 2015 EP A Piece Of Me. We couldn’t have a Jacob Whitesides playlist without including this classic song.

Popmaniacs — what’s your favorite song from our Jacob Whitesides playlist?! Tell us in the comments below